but we're working on a new version that we'll be bringing to your country soon!


  • Fans listen for free.
  • Bands get most 3rd party services they previously paid out to for free, and get a monthly Band Bonus to help cover the rest.
  • Songwriters/owners are paid monthly outside the royalty system in our Pay Per Play system, which is dependent on how much sales happen through the site, and in which has no cap to the amount we pay out (we are all musicians too). Our current goal is half a cent Per Play, which would represent a 900 percent increase in revenue for musicians from the current royalty system.
  • Live music venues (Hosts), or anybody having a backyard BBQ or house party who wants a Band to play, can show their events on our Map, have Bands apply to play at their events, and sell tickets to Fans once at least one Band is booked.
  • Industry related businesses (record studios, music video makers, audio hardware/software manufacturers and retailers) can sign up and receive Band Bonus money from Bands in exchange for their products or services.
  • Loyal Fans can ‘Donate’ to their Subscribed Bands at a rate of half a cent Per Play, which goes directly to the songwriters or song owners without any fees or deductions.