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Currently only available in Canada for testing purposes.

We are working towards a scalable version of this site that will be available to your country soon, that will also involve all other Art industries. Please join this mailing list for updates - or write to

Meanwhile, please enjoy these details of who I am and what our site does:

  • I am a life-long musician who's made my own self-sustaining music industry, free for all to use. You can listen to all tunes for free that Bands upload, unlimited and uninterrupted, and if you're a Musician, you can get paid every month outside the royalty system for your song streams on this site.
  • Bands can find for free most 3rd party services they previously paid out to, and they also get a monthly 'Band Bonus' they can spend internally to help cover the cost of recording their tunes or making their music videos.
  • Songwriters/owners are paid monthly outside through Stripe, outside the royalty system, in our Pay Per Play system. Exactly how much we pay out per song stream each month is dependent on how much ticket and advertising sales happen through the site that month (minus the cost to run the website, which is thoroughly documented in the Finance section). There will never be a cap to the amount Dead Industry Radio pays out per song stream each month, so only buy and sell your live-music events through Dead Industry Radio from now on so our musicians make more per song stream each month. :)
  • Live music venues, and anybody planning a live-music event, can sell tickets through our site, and their events will be readily accessible in many places on our website (no need to pay anything to promote events hosted through DIR). To start selling tickets you need a 'Host' account, and at least one DIR Band signed up to the event roster. Bands can easily find and apply to play at Host events that still need Bands to play. This is done through the Map, which is also where Fans find events to buy tickets to. Tickets for events can also be found on the event calendars on Fan (optional), Band and Host account pages.
  • Industry related businesses (record studios, music video makers, audio hardware/software manufacturers and retailers) can sign up and receive Band Bonus money from Bands (internally, in the form of a code that is redeemed by the business), in exchange for their products or services.
  • Loyal Fans can ‘Donate’ to their Subscribed Bands at a rate of half a cent Per Play, which goes directly to the songwriters or song owners without any fees or deductions.
  • And a lot more.

Thanks for checking us out. Want to help or have a suggestion?